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Alpha Diallo

China's Pollution Problem

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With pollution levels this bad, how long before people start taking to the street in China. If they don’t take to street, the elites will definitely leave in droves.

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    Sasha Singh
    May be due to large population as compared to US
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    Fan Yang
    That's a great point Sasha.

    But also, US has been moving away from manufacturing. It has gone through the growing pains already during the industrial revolution, and has put a lot of manufacturing in other countries (like China).

    China is late to the game, and only now going through its own "economic" revolution if you will. People are moving into the middle class and buying cars. Buildings are being built left and right. Transport and buildings are the main cause of pollution (buildings more so in general).

    I often think of GHGs especially methane and carbon when I think of pollution. PM2.5 is a bit vague to me, but it is definitely a legitimate measure of pollution, though I don't think it tells the whole story.

    As far as carbon emission goes, China only recently overtook US.

    At the end of the day, the comparison is not completely fair, but that is not to say China should just pollute away. India will also be a big polluter as its massive population becomes more affluent.